Sunday, 1 July 2012

Staying in Munich

Our trip this past May began in Munich. We were excited to be back in Germany! This time I was travelling with my boyfriend and my friend Keira :)

We stayed in Munich for only one night before moving on to Austria. We had never tried Airbnb before but decided to book a few nights, including the first, in apartments we had found on the website. I loved our cozy Munich pad; Very comfortable and located in a pretty area near the Nymphenburg Palace...

airbnb cozy fairytale vacation accommodation in Munich Germany
If you're thinking of staying in Munich this apartment is perfect for a couple and even fit three of us well, with one sleeping on the large pull-out sofa. That being said, after a 13hr flight, jet lag and a few glasses of wine we were pretty much ready to pass out on the kitchen floor! See this accommodation and our lovely host Jamie here on Airbnb ;)

In the morning, Keira and I took a walk to the palace while Schah went to Marienplatz to meet a friend. By noon we were off to the hauptbahnhof and catching a train to our next destination, beautiful Salzburg in Austria.

Walk by the canal in Nymphenburg
iphone photo of gardens behind the palace

Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens

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