Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Travel Luxuries

Ten non-essential but lovely travel items to pack
La Perla Belle De Jour/Yogi Tea/Eastern Mystic Little Ganesha charm bracelet/Scoop NYC scarf/Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment/Joik Soy Candle in Creme Brûlée/Vaseline Lip Therapy Spf15/L'Eau de Chloé/Ghd Scarlett Collection Classic Styler

Besides the travel essentials - passport, tickets, camera, the bf ;) I love bringing along a few items to make the getaway just that bit cozier. These are ten things (as pictured above) that I usually add to the basics...

1. A night dress or lingerie - Anything I'm sleeping in has got to be super comfortable and preferably light.

2. Magazines - Lots of reading material for long journeys and waiting around.

3. Tea or coffee - I usually pick this up along the way in whichever city I'm in. It's so comforting to make a good tea when I'm back in the hotel/apartment, especially if I've been out in bad weather.

4. Accessories - Mostly rings and bracelets. Sunnies come in handy too!

5. A scarf - This is really necessary for me as it can be used to keep warm when it's a bit chilly especially on the plane, as a headrest to sleep on and also as a cover-up in case I visit a place of worship.

6. Hair treatment - This is where it starts to get a little crazy. On my last trip I actually got my Mum to assist me in decanting my Moroccan hair oil in to a little plastic container. And my Fekkai Protein RX Treatment Mask. I must say it was really worth it though, plus I love the nutty smell of argan oil!

7. A scented candle - A small scented candle to fill a room with fragrance is just so lovely and it also makes a nice little gift.

8. Lip balm - I use Vaseline and probably have most of the different tins from Spf 15 to Cocoa butter, but I still like the original best.

9. Perfume - I always carry a mini bottle of my favourite scent :)

10. Ghds - Finally the one hair styling tool I bring are my ghds! Loving the new set I bought recently, the Scarlett collection which also comes in a gorgeous red clutch.

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