Monday, 16 July 2012


 The old town and the fortress:
Salzburg Fortress Photo from our trip

A view of Salzburg from the top of the fortress:

Scenic view of Salzburg Austria

The town courtyard, streets and small passageways are so pretty. Unfortunately many of the shops were closed as it was a Sunday but we could see through the windows some lovely artwork, charming little ornamental pieces and jewellery amongst other things. Luckily the cafes and chocolate shop were open so we didn't miss out on a traditional coffee and a lush dessert!

Horses in the old town courtyard

Shopping street in Salzburg
Visiting Mozart's birthplace (Geburtshaus) and a choir of students:
Mozart's Birthplace Geburtshaus

Salzburg is a really beautiful cultural city, I would love to go back again. It's also very close to Munich so you can get there within 1 to 2 hrs by train along a scenic route through the countryside.

Photos and video from Schah


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