Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lake Bled to Venice

Getting from Lake Bled Slovenia to Venice Italy by bus and train
Travelling to Italy we first took the train from Bled to Villach (back into Austria).

This is normally a direct train but unfortunately there was some disruption to the line that day so the train we were on was only stopping at Villach Westbahnhof and we needed to get off and change trains to get to Villach Hauptbahnhof (the Central Station). Luckily the bf speaks German and found this out from the conductor otherwise we'd be totally lost!

It was extremely cold with a bitter wind when we got off at the Westbahnhof and since it was almost an hour's wait for a connecting train, Keira and I sat in a stairwell for some shelter and warmth and snacked on some crackers we had got from a plane flight previously, we really were a pitiful sight! We met another lady who was travelling to Italy also, but she had accidentally got separated from her husband and mother who she was travelling with because she had jumped off the train at the wrong stop! This is honestly a reminder to me to always be prepared because she didn't have any of their mobile numbers, no money and no card, it was all with her husband. There was no info office at the station so she decided it was best for her to wait until her husband returned to get her. We gave her a "survival pack" =P which was a chocolate muffin and some food we had with us. When our train for the Hauptbahnhof arrived we said bye hoping she wouldn't have to wait there until night time :(

Once we had arrived at Villach Hauptbahnhof we took the coach to Venice, a 5 hour trip away. It was a long journey but the coach was really comfortable and the scenery was very beautiful through the Julian Alps :) The coach actually arrives in Mestre, and then you need to take a quick ride on any of the buses going onto Venice island.

Our route on the Villach to Venice coach...

 Finally, we made it! Venezia!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

7 things for 7 days

I recently saw a post by about mini-goals she's set for herself. The idea of 7 things for 7 days was originally posted by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and I thought I'd join in with my own goals :) My 7 things for next week:

1. Keeping fit
I'm aiming to do one type of exercise every day. I like to jog but I also want to add more weight training for toning. I love Pilates but haven't done it in a while so I hope to do at least one session next week.

2. Taking care of my skin and hair
We've been getting a lot of chocolate gifts and sharing them in the house lately. It hasn't been great for my skin! I'm booking a facial or will do my own face mask at home :) I also just cut my hair this week so need to keep it conditioned.

3. Choco-detox
Not to eat any more of the chocolate in the fridge! And to take a multivitamin every day.

4. Read my Spanish
To spend more time this week studying and practicing my Spanish.

5. Get in touch
To message an old friend I haven't contacted in a while.

6. Organize my beauty products
I want to give away anything I don't use regularly or put it up for swap. I love those big clear beauty trunks for organizing makeup, I'll try to find one of those too.

7. Look at further degree courses  
My last thing to do is probably the most important right now. I've graduated from uni but I'm considering doing a further course. It's quite daunting just thinking about studying again after a few years of work, but I'll check all the different courses that are available and make a short list of the ones I might go for.

For the original 7 things post you can visit Louise's blog here...
Have you set any goals for yourself recently?
Or if you've also done a 7 things post please leave your link here and I'd love to check it out :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Touch of Gold

A few of my weekend buys! I bought some tiny golden earrings at a stall by the river. One pair are little snowflakes, not really the weather for them but I thought they were cute :)  The necklace is for my friend. I find buying clothing and accessories for other people can be quite hard, I can't always tell if it's really their style, but I hope she likes this. I also bought another Stila CC in lillium, that and petunia are my favourite blushes.

You might have noticed, I love figs! This candle smells so divine, I got it as a two-for-one this weekend from Ecoya and it's called Caramelised Fig. I wish I could send this scent through your monitor or something right now because seriously you would love it and my bad iphone pic is doing it no justice at all. If you have not heard of Ecoya, they are an Australian brand that do natural home fragrance, bath and body goodies :) Their jar candles are made from pure soy wax.

I actually have soy wax for making candles in my house. I tried making them with essential oils before but I'm not sure the scent turned out strong enough in the end. Will keep experimenting!

Do you like scented candles? Are there any favourite scents you have?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

All Aboard, Lovers!

Trains are super romantic! Okay, not so much when it's like this...

Nice and Convenient Storage Room
But for all the times I've been separated and reunited with a loved one, or set off on an exciting adventure with friends, trains and train stations are quite magical. Here are some of my favourite train routes from around the world...

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB), Germany

HSB 99 236 @ Wernigerode Kirchstrasse

West Highland Railway (The real Hogwart's Express), UK
Il vero Hogwarts Express / The real Hogwarts Express

Glenfinnan 1984

Glacier Express, Switzerland
Glacier Express

Train under cherry blossoms, Alishan Forest Taiwan and Segawa Valley Japan
Alishan Forest Train under Cherry Blossoms 櫻花樹下的阿里山森林小火車

xoxo, Becca

Images via Flickr

Monday, 6 August 2012

Coffee and Spanish

Cute coffee art and dessert

Coffee and sticky date pudding with friends. Love our coffee chat dates   
I also just started Spanish class. I'm really enjoying the lessons so far and might post a few things I learn in the future. If you have any tips for learning basic Spanish do let me know! A few cute phrases ;) ...

Te quiero/Te amo - I love you

Te extraño - I miss you

Besos! - Kisses xoxo

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hair Inspiration: The Low-slung Ponytail

twisted low ponytailmessy low pony and jil sanders fall collection pinned styleTwisted, wavy and loose, or pinned - there are so many different ways to do the pretty and practical low pony. I like the side-swept styles the best, they seem to suit my face more, but I also want to try the mini beehive or teased look :) (like Victoria's below). 

Charlize Theron, Lauren Conrad, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham
Charlize's Knotted Side Ponytail/Lauren's Curly Waves/Eva's Sleek Style/Victoria's Teased and Messy do
The low-slung ponytail is really a classic. It can be done both formal or casual, another reason why I love this style loads :)

Images via 1,2,3