Saturday, 11 August 2012

All Aboard, Lovers!

Trains are super romantic! Okay, not so much when it's like this...

Nice and Convenient Storage Room
But for all the times I've been separated and reunited with a loved one, or set off on an exciting adventure with friends, trains and train stations are quite magical. Here are some of my favourite train routes from around the world...

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB), Germany

HSB 99 236 @ Wernigerode Kirchstrasse

West Highland Railway (The real Hogwart's Express), UK
Il vero Hogwarts Express / The real Hogwarts Express

Glenfinnan 1984

Glacier Express, Switzerland
Glacier Express

Train under cherry blossoms, Alishan Forest Taiwan and Segawa Valley Japan
Alishan Forest Train under Cherry Blossoms 櫻花樹下的阿里山森林小火車

xoxo, Becca

Images via Flickr


  1. Great blog post!
    I do love to travel by train! :)
    I found your blog through BBN and i will follow you with Bloglovin!
    Your travel posts interest me a lot! ;)

    1. Thanks Eline! It's my passion to travel and will definitely keep posting :)
      Following you also and look forward to your pics of Sweden and Denmark!

  2. thanks for sharing.


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