Monday, 5 March 2012

Three Simple Salads

three simple salad recipes for march

Three delicious and simple salads for the week ahead...
1. Mix watercress with chopped smoked salmon, avocado, red onion and capers. Make a vinaigrette with 
olive oil, sherry vinegar and mustard powder.
2. Mix cooked couscous or quinoa with orange zest and juice, olive oil, maybe honey, sliced oranges, raisins 
or dried cranberries, chopped red onion and chopped almonds. Serve over greens, or not.
3. Slice fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Layer with basil leaves, dress with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

(c) picture by sweetfigtree via 1,2
see nytimes for loads more quick salad recipes

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